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Achieve Symmetry with Precision Caliper for SPMU Treatments

Perfect symmetry is the hallmark of exceptional SPMU (Semi-Permanent Makeup) treatments, and the Timeless Precision PMU Caliper is your go-to tool for ensuring impeccable results. Specifically designed for professional use during powder brow treatments, this caliper serves as a reliable guide for measuring and checking the symmetry of eyebrows.

Key Features:

- Ruler for Symmetry: The PMU Caliper acts as a ruler, ensuring precise symmetry during SPMU treatments, especially for powder brows.

- Professional-Grade Tool: Designed for professional use, this caliper enhances accuracy and consistency in creating the desired shape for your client's powder brows.

- High-Grade Aluminum: Crafted with high-grade aluminum, the caliper is both lightweight and durable, providing ease of use and long-lasting performance.

- Versatile Application: Suitable for a range of SPMU treatments, the caliper aids in achieving symmetry, a critical factor in enhancing the overall appearance of powder brows.


How It Works:

1. Gently place the caliper along the brows to measure and check symmetry.

2. Use the caliper as a guide to ensure an even and balanced powder brow application.

3. Create flawless powder brows with confidence, knowing that symmetry is maintained throughout the process.



- Enhanced Precision: The caliper ensures precision in measuring and checking the symmetry of eyebrows, resulting in professional-quality powder brows.

- Easy to Use: Lightweight and designed for ease of use, the PMU Caliper is a practical tool for both beginners and experienced SPMU artists.

- Durable Construction: Made with high-grade aluminum, the caliper is built to withstand professional use, providing durability for long-term performance.

- Symmetry Assurance: Achieve consistent and symmetrical results in every powder brows treatment, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.


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