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Microblading Blades

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Elevate your permanent makeup game with our premium Embroidery Eyebrow Needles. Crafted for excellence, these needles boast a disposable design, ensuring hygiene and safety with each use. Ideal for single use only, each box contains 50pcs of these top-notch tattoo tips, providing convenience and efficiency.


Key Features:

- Material: Constructed with a blend of copper and stainless steel, our needles guarantee durability and precision in every stroke.

- Disposable Design: Embrace the convenience of disposable needles, promoting a safe and hygienic application for each client.



- 14:14S, 14 Pins Sloped:

  - Length: 2.2cm 

  - Width: 0.2cm

  - Diameter of each needle: 0.25mm

  - Thickness: 0.63mm

- 16:

  - Length: 2.2cm

  - Width: 0.4cm

  - Diameter of each needle: 0.25mm

  - Thickness: 0.63mm

- 18:18S, 18 Pins Sloped:

  - Length: 2.2cm 

   - Width: 0.37cm

   - Diameter of each needle: 0.25mm

    - Thickness: 0.63mm



- Precision Crafting: Achieve intricate details with the 14, 16, and 18-pin configurations, each designed for specific eyebrow embroidery needs.

- Convenient Packaging: Each box contains 50pcs of disposable needles, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient application process.

- Top-Quality Materials: Crafted from copper and stainless steel, our needles deliver premium performance and durability, making them a reliable choice for permanent makeup professionals.

Elevate your artistry with Embroidery Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Needles, where precision meets convenience for exceptional results