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Pigment Mixer

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Perfect Mixing for Flawless Results

Achieve flawless and even coloring in your tattoos with the Timeless Aesthetics Electric Pigment Mixer. Designed to flawlessly mix small amounts of pigment, this electric mixer ensures that every color is achieved with perfection, leaving no room for imperfections. Whether you're blending solid colors or creating intricate blends, this mixer is your key to consistent and professional results.

How It Works:

1. Add the pigments you want to mix into your pigment cup.

2. Place the tip of the ink mixer into the cup, ensuring it touches the bottom and is vertical.

3. Turn on the mixer until the pigments are fully mixed.



- Perfect Mixing: Avoid uneven coloring by using our electric pigment mixer for precise blending of pigments. Achieve a single color with no imperfections every time.

- Easy Operation: Simply insert two AA batteries (not included), and you're ready to mix. The mixer is easy to assemble – unscrew the body, place the batteries, and press down the switch to operate.

- Clean Mixing: To avoid mess, keep the mixer vertical while mixing, and refrain from removing the mixer from the pigment while it's still on.

- Disposable Mixing Sticks: Each machine comes with 5 disposable mixing sticks that are easy to fit and remove. They press on easily, ensuring a hassle-free mixing experience.


Battery-Powered Convenience:

Powered by two AA batteries, our electric pigment mixer offers cordless convenience. The compact design allows for easy battery replacement, ensuring continuous and efficient operation.


Customer Support:

Contact us without hesitation. We're dedicated to providing excellent customer support to ensure your mixing experience is smooth and trouble-free.