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Timeless Wonder

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Timeless Aesthetics presents a state-of-the-art Permanent Makeup machine that performs micropigmentation. The contemporary high-tech design is the fruit of Dr. Baghi’s vision. After spending a long time researching and developing the device, Dr. Baghi has gone to the extent of paying micro-attention to every aspect of the functionality and the way the machine looks. The TA-PMU-1 is the first version of the Timeless Aesthetics PMU machine, and it is undoubtedly one of the best devices in this industry that money can buy. Design The TA-PMU-1 is made of aviation-grade aluminum to make it sturdy and last a long time. This also makes the machine incredibly light and easy to carry and store. While the material itself is fantastic, the design on top of it is there for functionality and ease of use purposes. The anodization and powder coating gives the product a unique look, while the substances ensure wear resistance, anti-corrosion, and easy cleaning. Several coats and a unique texture are given to the machine's finish, which is more comfortable to hold and use for long sessions, while the light weight helps not allow fatigue to set in.


Contents of the box

1. The Main Panel

2. Operation Handle

3. Needles (Free Samples)

4. USB Cable

5. Power Supply


Power Supply

TA-PMU-1 comes with a great power delivery system that delivers good energy to the machine without failing. This allows the operator to be comfortable using it no matter the procedure or place of the treatment. The power adaptor (included) is universal and can be used worldwide, covering 100~240V.


Three-Speed Option

Unlike most machines in the market, TA-PMU-1 comes with three-speed options that can be selected from the panel. This makes it easy to perform various kinds of treatments on all kinds of skin types. The low, mid, and high settings are carefully optimized, and while using the machine, you can see the difference between the three.


Low Noise & Comfortable Handling

The textured finish and light weight allow for long fatigue-free sessions. TA-PMU-1 is also very quiet, and since it is held very close to the face, there will be low-frequency vibrations and minimal sound to avoid annoyance.


Built-in Protection

This model has built-in protection against sudden power fluxes, shifts, or outages. No matter what, the machine won’t be damaged. This also allows peace of mind to work normally at any pace or rhythm.



1. Please, handle the device with care and store it in a proper place.

2. Avoid being rough with the device and gently pick and place it down.

3. Give the machine rest for at least ten minutes after every two-hour session.

4. Prepare a dry, degreased cotton ball or wet piece of cotton for optimum results. Use these during the procedure around the needle to remove residue or any collection of color particles to avoid mishaps.

5. Always use the correct needles to avoid issues arising during or after installing an unrecommended needle.

6. Choose FDA-approved pigment only and avoid cheap or chemical-filled colors.

7. Disinfect the treatment area thoroughly for both hygiene and even color transfer.



1. Please read the instructions to understand the performance and operations of the machine.

2. Always use a new needle before a treatment to avoid infection.

3. Keep your machine maintained by cleaning it after each session.

4. Keep all the components and instructions safe for future use and reference.