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Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Kit

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Eyebrow tinting provides eyebrows with a fresh, bold look that lasts several weeks. It’s a relatively low-risk, low-cost procedure that helps retain the dense and well-defined look of the eyebrows for about 4 weeks (the color on the skin stays on for about 5 to 7 days). The procedure is generally suitable for lighter or thinning brows or if someone wishes to have a different color altogether, like a dye for your brows. The procedure is for all brow/skin types, regardless of gender.



1. Eyelash & Eyebrow TINT - 7ml

2. Developer - 7ml

3. Comb

4. Gloves - 1 pair



TINT - C16/18 Alcohol, Peregal, Monoglyceride, White oil, Purified water, 250HHR, EDTA, EVC, Sodium Sulfite, Propanediol

Developer - C16/18, Peregal, Monoglyceride, White oil, 8HQ, Essence, Hydrogen Peroxide



1. Cleanse the brow & lash area thoroughly

2. Brush the eyebrow hair and map out the shape you desire

3. Apply a barrier (vaseline/petroleum jelly) around the eyebrows to prevent staining of the skin

4. Mix the cream dye with the Creme Oxidant in a cup- lash tint: oxidant 1:1, brow 1:2

5. Apply the cream on the lower lashes first (on both sides • When lower lashes are completed, instruct the client to close their eyes until the application and removal process is completed • Apply the mixed tint cream to upper lashes from base to tip; make sure to cover the corners

6. Ten to twelve minutes after the application, remove the mixture by gently wiping the residual material onto the eyelids using a brush or stick. Eyebrow tinting should not be as intense as eyelash tint; therefore, the color should be left on for 10 minutes. Make sure eyebrow hair is completely covered, but do not press the color into the skin

7. Remove the eye pads from under the eye area. Use dampened cotton round with cold water to remove the product until there is no residue. Hold tissue near the eye area to capture any excess water.


Important Pre & Post Procedure Information

• Wait 24 hours before wetting the eyebrows.

• Use water-based mascara (if you must use it) - wait for 24 hrs to use it after application.

• Remove contact lenses before the procedure

• Delay the procedure if you are on eye medication

• Flush the eyes if the material enters the eyes

• A patch test is necessary for those with sensitive skin type

• Choose the tint color carefully

• Do not scrub your face or apply chemical-based makeup on top or around the tint.

• Use water-based makeup and remove makeup carefully

• Avoid direct sun exposure/ use sunscreen

• Do not use medicated face washes

• Avoiding oil-free products prolong the color

• Avoid swimming and saunas for 48 hrs Note*

• Any tint that might contain coal tar is not considered safe

• In case of skin irritation or the appearance of a rash, contact a physician •

Avoid direct contact with the eye

• Works quicker on lighter color brows like blonde