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Cogg Threads

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- Specification: Cogg 6D 19g X 100mm

- Design Standards: Complies with European Union and KFDA regulations.

- Material: Sterile absorbable suture and needle for single-use only.


Features & Benefits:

- Stimulating Collagen Production: PDO threads stimulate significant collagen and elastin production, rejuvenating skin at a cellular level for lasting results.

- Instant Lift: Visible lifting effects are immediate, with enhanced results experienced one to two months after insertion.

- No Downtime: Minimal recovery time; most individuals resume normal activities the next day.

- Tighter Looking Skin: PDO threads strategically inserted at various depths lift and tighten the skin instantly.

- Reduced Wrinkles and Fine Lines: Effective in combating signs of aging by stimulating collagen production.

- Long-Term Results: Threads dissolve in about six to nine months, with results lasting up to two years.


Additional Details:

- Description: PDO thread lift and tightens the skin, biodegradable, stimulating natural collagen production for a smoother, tighter appearance lasting 6-12 months.

- Indications: Immediate relief of sagging skin, natural collagen production, brightens complexion, long-lasting effects.

- Product Type: Pdo Cog Thread 19G 100mm/ L-Blunt Type (10pcs).

- Versatile Usage: Can be used on face, breasts, abdomen, forearms, back waist, buttocks, and calves for wrinkle reduction and skin revitalization.

- Unique Features: 360° rotating cutting with a sawtooth structure effectively lifts and fixes, suitable for embedding in thicker skin for a long-lasting lifting effect. - Treatment Areas: Lifts eyebrows, reduces crows feet, under-eye bags, lifts cheeks, reduces nasolabial lines, folds, fine lines, tightens double chin, reduces neckline.


Important Notes:

- One-time use only.

- Do not resterilize.

- Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, heavy metal-free.

- Disposable device, sterilized by E.O. Gas.

- Use under professional guidance