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Latex Sheet

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Crafted for Permanent Makeup and Tattoo Professionals

Embark on a journey of artistic excellence with Timeless Precision Latex Sheets, meticulously designed for permanent makeup and tattoo practitioners. Elevate your artistry with a tool that prioritizes safety, precision, and seamless practice.

Key Benefits:

- Provides a reliable and durable surface for practicing permanent makeup and tattoo techniques.

- Mimics the feel of human skin for realistic application and needle control.

- Ideal for honing skills, testing pigments, and perfecting intricate designs.

- Hygienic and easy to dispose of after use.

Key Features:

- Realistic Texture: The latex sheets replicate the feel of human skin, offering artists a lifelike surface to refine their techniques, ensuring a smooth transition to working with real clients.

- Durable and Resilient: Crafted with durability in mind, these latex sheets withstand repeated needle insertions, allowing artists to practice various styles and techniques.

- Hygienic Practice: The disposable nature of the latex sheets ensures a clean and hygienic environment for each practice session. Simply discard after use, maintaining a sterile workspace.

- Versatile: Suitable for testing pigments, perfecting line work, shading, and other permanent makeup and tattoo applications.

How to Use:

1. Place the latex sheet on a flat surface or secure it to a practice pad.

2. Practice a variety of techniques, including line work, shading, and color application.

3. Dispose of the latex sheet after use for a fresh start each time.


- Perfect for honing permanent makeup and tattoo skills.

- Ideal for artists at all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Formulated Without:

- Free from materials that compromise safety or hygiene standards.

Customer Support:

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