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Radiēnce Skin Monitoring and Management System is a Timeless Aesthetics product and the ultimate skin monitoring and management solution. This cutting-edge device seamlessly merges hydro dermabrasion and advanced spectral imaging technologies, offering deep cleaning, intense hydration, anti-aging benefits, and thorough skin analysis. Say goodbye to dull, tired skin and welcome a vibrant, flawless complexion.

Unparalleled Skin Analysis

Radiēnce is equipped with three spectral imaging technologies: Standard White Light, Cross-polarized Light, and Ultraviolet Light, providing a comprehensive view of your skin's condition. Detect and analyze wrinkles, pores, color spots, roughness, oil content, sensitivity, moisture levels, and acne, tailoring your skincare routine accordingly.

Advanced Treatments at Your Fingertips

Choose from a range of professional treatments:

1. Hydradermabrasion: Achieve deep exfoliation, revealing a fresh, renewed complexion.

2. Cold & Hot Hammer, Pore Shrinkage: Enhance pore tightness using the cold and hot hammer technique.

3. Radio Frequency, Skin Lifting: Stimulate collagen regeneration for a more youthful appearance.

4. Facial Skin Analysis: Access detailed analysis reports for informed skincare decisions.

5. Oxygen Cleansing: Infuse revitalizing oxygen for a healthy complexion.

6. Ultrasonic Scrubber, Pores Cleansing: Deeply cleanse pores for clear and smooth skin.

7. Ultrasonic Import: Enhance skincare product absorption for optimal effectiveness.

Attachments for Versatile Skincare

Radiēnce comes with attachments targeting specific skin concerns:

1. High-Frequency Shovel Knife: Remove dead skin cells for a rejuvenated feel.

2. Gold RF Head: Tighten and regenerate collagen, reducing fine lines.

3. Ion Shotgun: Achieve deep skin penetration for nourishment and hydration.

4. Ice Sealed Refrigeration Head: Replenish and reserve water, promoting repair.

5. Ion Bubble Pen: Deeply cleanse pores, leaving skin refreshed.

6. Ultrasonic Waveguide Head: Enhance skincare product absorption for fast and effective results.

Advanced Features for Personalized Skincare

- Panoramic Optical Intelligent Skin Monitoring: Comprehensive view of skin's condition.

- Personalized Beauty Programs: Customized programs based on skin concerns.

- Recommended Professional Skincare Products: Personalized product recommendations.

- Mobile App Compatibility: Track skincare progress and access features.

- Cloud Storage for Diagnostic Data: Safely store diagnostic data for analysis.

- Face Recognition for Quick Login: Hassle-free access to your skincare profile.

Comprehensive Package Contents and Specifications

- Microdermabrasion Hydrafacial Machine

- Power Cord, Hand Cables, and Various Handles

- Solution Bottles for Specialized Treatments

- Sewage Bottle for Cleanliness

- Hand Tool Bracket for Convenience

- One Year Warranty for Peace of Mind


- Vacuum Range: 700 mmHg for powerful cleansing.

- Output Control: Touch screen and handle switch for intuitive control.

- Gold RF: Fast Response Multi-Pole (Energy 10-Level Adjustment) for precise energy delivery.

- Electrophoresis: 1MHZ (Energy 10-Level Adjustment) for enhanced product penetration.

- Cooling Head: Water-cooled & Air-cooled (Energy 10-Level Adjustment) for effective cooling.

- Ultrasonic Scrubber: 25KHZ (Energy 10-Level Adjustment) for deep cleansing.

- Ion Sprayer: 2000mmHg for precise atomization.

- Interface: 10.1 inches; Touch Screen for user-friendly control.

- Input Voltage: 110-240V, 50-60Hz, 150AV for global usability.

- Built-in Battery: For independent screen use.

- Windows OS: Seamless compatibility with other devices and software.