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Lip Brush

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Premium Quality for Perfect Application

Introducing our brand-new, premium-quality Disposable Lip and Eyeliner Brushes by Timeless Aesthetics. These disposable makeup brushes are meticulously crafted to offer the utmost precision and hygiene in your beauty routine.

Key Features:

- Disposable and Hygienic: Our disposable makeup brushes are designed to prevent cross-contamination, making them the perfect tools for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts who prioritize cleanliness and sanitation. Keep your products and application tools sanitized with every use.

- Versatile Usage: The Lip/Eye Liner brush features an elastic brush head that can be bent slightly to accommodate your specific needs. Say goodbye to clumping, as these brushes provide a smooth and flawless application every time.

- Soft Bristles for Professional Results: The Lip Brush Wands boast soft bristles, making them ideal for applying lip gloss or lipstick with professional precision. Achieve a polished look whether you're in a beauty salon or getting ready at home.

- Convenient for On-the-Go Use: These makeup brush kits are suitable for both professional beauty salons and personal home use. With their disposable design, they're not only hygienic but also very handy and easy to use.


- Material: Hard plastic handle and fiber hair

- Eyelash Brushes Size: Total length: 9.8cm (3.86 inches), brush length: 2.5cm (0.98 inches)

- Lip Brushes Size: Total length: 9.2cm (3.62 inches), brush length: 1.2cm (0.47 inches)

- Eyeliner Brushes Size: Total length: 9cm (3.54 inches), brush length: 2.5cm (0.28 inches)

- Package Weight: 3.2 oz

Choose from two convenient options:

1. 100 pcs Disposable Lip Brushes (50 pcs x 2 packs)

2. 100 pcs Disposable Liner Brushes (50 pcs x 2 packs)

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