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PMU Cartridge

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Unlock Precision with our PMU Cartridges

In the realm of Permanent Makeup (PMU) treatments, achieving micro-level precision is paramount, and the tool of choice is our Timeless Aesthetics PMU Cartridges. These specialized cartridges are designed to elevate your micro applications to perfection, ensuring every stroke is a masterpiece.

Key Features:

- Micro Needle Applications: PMU treatments demand meticulous attention to detail, and our cartridges deliver just that. The microneedles are crafted to facilitate intricate applications with unparalleled precision.

- Needle Variety: Our PMU cartridges come in a variety of needle configurations to cater to diverse treatment needs. The available options include 1R, 3R, 5R, and 7F, providing flexibility for different procedures.

- Tailored Needle Sizes: Recognizing the diversity in PMU applications, our cartridges offer needles of varying sizes. From outlines to precise thin strokes, broad strokes, and shaders, we have carefully curated a selection to meet all your requirements.


Available Needle Configurations:

- 1R: Ideal for outlines, creating sharp and defined contours in PMU applications.

- 3R: Crafted for precise thin strokes, allowing for intricate detailing in eyebrow, eyeliner, or lip procedures.

- 5R: Versatile needle size suitable for both broad strokes and fine detailing, offering flexibility in application.

- 7F: Specifically designed for shading, providing a smooth and even finish to enhance the final results.


Why Choose Timeless Aesthetics PMU Cartridges:

- Precision in Every Stroke: Our cartridges are engineered to deliver precision, ensuring that each micro application is a work of art.

- Versatility: With a range of needle configurations and sizes, our cartridges cater to various PMU techniques, giving you the freedom to create diverse styles.

- Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with the highest quality materials, our PMU cartridges are reliable, durable, and designed to meet the demands of professional use.


How to Use:

1. Choose the appropriate needle configuration based on the desired application (1R for outlines, 3R for thin strokes, 5R for versatile use, and 7F for shading).

2. Attach the PMU cartridge to your PMU machine.

3. Begin the micro application, ensuring controlled and precise movements.


Explore Endless Possibilities with Timeless Aesthetics:

At Timeless Aesthetics, we understand the artistry and precision required in Permanent Makeup. Our PMU Cartridges empower artists to achieve perfection in every stroke, offering a versatile and reliable tool for your PMU treatments. Elevate your art with Timeless Aesthetics—the choice of professionals.


Customer Support:

Contact us without hesitation. We're dedicated to providing excellent customer support to ensure your mixing experience is smooth and trouble-free.